Karl Sims paper

My artist research paper.

Shelly Thomas


Final Project

I decided to do a collage of “tree of life” pictures from the internet. I crated my own composition in the end of my Tree of Life.

Karl Sims

Here is my Power Point presentation on digital artist Karl Sims. Enjoy!


Video Project

This was a challenging project as the first clips I wanted to use would not work in Final Cut Pro. I ended up stumbling upon some painting animations I liked, though and used three of those in an overlap with my audio (intro of Pink Floyd’s High Hopes), and ended up with a piece that represented me more than the original.

Assignment #5

There are many different themes in digital art which include: artificial life and intelligence, telepresence and telerobotics, database aesthetics, mapping and data visualization, (net) activism and tactical media, gaming and narrative hypermedia environments, mobile and locative media, social networks, and virtual worlds.

Artificial life and intelligence has been and will continue to be under speculation as the idea of blurring together automatons and human life is often an uncomfortable idea for most people, but advancements are continuously being made in this field.

Samuel Morse sent the first long-distance telegraph message in 1844, which was “What hath God wrought?” The use of the telephone and its usage began to be used in art and open new boundaries for digital artists.

How we define ourselves in virtual as well as physical space has become a prominent theme in digital art in relation to our body identity. Our virtual existence suggests the opposite of a unified body. Ping Body created by Stelarc in 1996 was a devise that extended the artists body through a six-legged walking machine that allowed movements forwards, backwards, and sideways. Ping Body was stimulated by Internet traffic itself.

Dynamic visualization of data flow was established to allow users to navigate visual and textual information and experience changes over time.

The gaming industry has been an important element in the digital art revolution and has grown enormously over the years into the internet medium. Even today, the gaming technology is becoming more refined and better than ever before with more realistic characters and better options.

Linking and networking is important because it comprises the exchange of media files through email, the web, or the networking of people.

All of these characteristics are fundamental to digital art because they are the backbone that keep digital art in place and keep it moving through our society as a network. It has become a vital aspect in our lives and continues to grow everyday.

YouTube Vids

I’ve always enjoyed the funny commercials that have been banned. I found some good ones on YouTube. Enjoy!

Bling11For this project I used images of diamonds and shinny lips to represent bling. I searched the internet for all of my images and ended up with about 70 pictures of bling before deciding on lips and diamonds. In order to incorporate gestalt into my images, I decided to use the same image multiple times, but with different colors in one frame giving it the “Andy Warhol” look. I also used the artistic cutout filter in Photoshop to distort a few of the images which gave them a more gestalt effect as well. Overall, I felt this project was very success and really enjoyed seeing all of our pieces together!